[ESX][PAID] Eclipse Police CAD

DO NOT BUY. Their CADs are very buggy and their support does not care. I bought both CADs almost a month ago and their support still can’t get it to work. They take almost a week to even respond to you and when they do nothing really gets done. I had one of their support people even access my files from remote desktop and they still couldn’t get it working properly. Way too expensive for the level of quality you are given. I told them I have already started using a different CAD and don’t even want these ones and would prefer to just be refunded and they just stopped responding.

Good afternoon. Sorry to disappoint you, but as already said, the mod depends on your server, including the state of the database, so sometimes there are difficulties in adapting the mod to your particular server. You can install the mod on a clean build and make sure it works fine by following all the instructions in the manual. Further, I personally checked your correspondence, our support spent a lot of effort to help you adapt the mod, which was successfully done. Regarding your request for a refund you were given an answer, how and under what conditions we do it and the fact that you don’t want to use the mod is not a reason for a refund, as all the source code of the mod stays with you forever.

Nice try, notice you didnt reply directly to me on this forum so I could see what you said, luckily I check my old posts. Your “support” had me waiting weeks to even get a response and when he finally helped me only once for a couple of hours (not sure where you are seeing this great deal of time), he only got the script partially working and the other script he couldn’t get working at all and never reached back out to me to try to fix it. I had to message him again to get him to respond, and then you expect your customers to just be ready to let you on their PC via anydesk exactly at the moment you message them (which was usually at 5:00 am my time), otherwise if they miss their chance they have to wait another week to get a response. I did not request a refund simply because I did not want to use the script, I requested a refund because after over a month of waiting and i literally still can’t use the script. You guys put way to high of a price for how complicated these scripts are to set up, you honesdtly shouldnt even be selling it. I even tried your scripts on a new framework and it still didnt work. You guys also lied to tebex claiming I rolled back the changes your support made when that never happened. Your support just didn’t fully fix the script. Its ok though I will accept the financial loss, you can keep the money. Invest it some better support developers cause you definitely need it. Ive already moved on to a much better alternative.

I have nothing to say to you, I myself communicate with you and with the developers, so I draw average conclusions from communication and answer everything as it is. Clients often hyperbolize and turn 2 days into a week and a week into a month, nothing new. I am ready to apologize to you for wasting your time, but the mod is working, a hundred clients using our mods proof of that. More with you to argue or something to discuss I see no point.

You guys know there are PMs right? Nobody wants to watch mom and dad fight :rofl:

You know its a public forum right? Also it cost nothing to just mind your business and keep browsing :blush:

Do you know this is a public forum? Just sayin. Maybe just fight in private. But I’ll stop being helpful sometimes people have to learn the hard way and in public.

Yes because my complaints about their product will help the community greatly by sitting in his DMs where no one can see them. Makes total sense, thank you for enlightening me. Next time I try to warn the community about crappy service Ill make sure I’ll do it in the DMs of the person I am trying to warn people about. :upside_down_face:

Warning or whining? :roll_eyes: all good dude - Sorry you had such a hard time.

Whining? you mean like you whining about a conversation that has nothing to do with you? You try spending over $100 on scripts that don’t work and then tell me im whining. Like i said its free to just mind your business and keep your comments to yourself.

You’re whining.


youve said on github known issues that on the users table in database needs to be a phone number, and if theres NULL the cad doesnt work. i have a null there, how to fix it?

Please add to the instruction on how to add all police departments. For example right now only “police” can use the cad but I need sheriff and DPS to use it as well.