[ESX][PAID] Eclipse Police CAD

Yes, that’s right. Maybe it doesn’t open because of an incorrect installation or some kind of conflict. Write to us on discord and we’ll help you.

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the penalties use esxbilling system or what?

How are the laws entered in the system? via the CAD or DB?

via cad

Can a dispatcher send the calls to the officers? Or do the officers need to accept the call by them selfs?

Yes, all police officers receive a standard call-in notice.

Hello, i bought the script while ago. I need change the language and other things. But JS is obfuscated. We can’t edit the script. I just want to say.

Hello, it not obfuscated. Just we use vue.js, also you have source files.

Its my bad, im sorry.

Seems really good it just lacking a report/citation panel to keep track of citizens. Are you expecting to add those functions via update?

Can you tell me more about this feature? What would you like to see?

From the videos, it doesn’t look like you have the ability to create a police report, such as citation or warrant or arrestee report. Just the basic report answering those
Who was involved?
What happened?
When did it happen?
Where did it happen?
Why did it happen?
How did it happen?
all that link to a SQL table and be able to access those reports when searching for a name/car link to owner. Unless it’s already there and I didn’t see it that would be really useful and make a great complete CAD

Yes, there is no such functionality yet, but in the future we will definitely add the ability to add and edit your information in the player or vehicle card, where you can specify all this.

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A few questions,

  • Does it require a webserver?
  • When someone registers a character with esx_identity, does it automatically go in the cad?
  • When someone buys a vehicle with esx_dealership, does it automatically go in the cad?

No, a webserver is not necessary. All data is loaded from the database. If a car or player is in the database, it will appear in the CAD.

yes, it support all version

Hello is your script compatible, whit a multichar system? We have the problem that the players Crime record get transvered to the Char whit them tey are online.


Hi, this system load all players data, which in users

Hello I bought the tablet but when I enter the download link it says that I have already downloaded it and it is not like that, what can I do?