[ESX] [PAID] bJobMenu - Job Managing Menu


With this resource, you have ability to change pretty much everything that you need to change when you are managing employees, salaries, grades and similar.

Simple trigger checks which job player have and then sets up menu for his job.
Each grade for the job have its own permissions which can be managed from within the menu.

if link above is not working here is preview link.

Once you open it, you will see 5 buttons on the left side, depending on the permission that is set for your grade, you will be able or wont be able to click on any of them. Those are:

  1. Members - this button shows all members and within it, if grade have permission you can easily promote, demote or fire player from the organization.

  2. Hire - In this menu, you can hire NEARBY players to the organization, again, if your grade have that permission. Only players that are less than 15 meters will be show in the menu and you can hire them from it.

  3. Vault - Here, you can see, deposit and withdraw both legal and illegal money. This is like bank account for your organization.

  4. Grade Permissions - I mentioned permissions a lot above, in this section, you can adjust permission for each grade by your linking. Below is the list that you can modify

  5. Grade Salaries - here you can adjust salary for each grade however you like.

Each list is formated and sorted descending by the grade using sortable.js.

You can set following permissions for each grade separately:

  • DEPOSITING MONEY - This will allow or disallow player with this grade to deposit both legal and illegal money

  • WITHDRAWING MONEY - This will allow or disallow player with this grade to withdraw both legal and illegal money

  • DEMOTING/PROMOTING - Grade with this permission can promote and demote players with this job

  • CAN SEE MEMBERS - This will allow or disallow access to MEMBERS section of the menu

  • EMPLOYING - This will allow or disallow hiring players in HIRING menu

  • MODIFYING GRADE PERMISSIONS - This is pretty much self explanatory.

  • ADJUSTING SALARIES - This will allow grade to modify salary for all grades

Also, since you are able to adjust salaries, this resource comes with its own timed salary. You can configure jobs which will get salary and after which interval will they get it in the server.lua file of the resource.

There are 2 simple ways to open the menu. You can find table with police and ambulance job already entered as example in the resource. This will make 3d text on the location for specific job and players can access it by pressing E.

Or you can just call simple event wherever you want

TriggerEvent("bJobMenu:OpenMenu") -- client side
TriggerClientEvent("bJobMenu:OpenMenu", source) -- server side

This resource, as you can see, have its own money vault, for both black and normal money.
Manipulating or checking black money or normal money can be done SERVER SIDE only using exports:

export.bJobMenu:OrgMoney("mechanic") -- "mechanic" is the job name which you check ( its always first parameter
export.bJobMenu:UseMoney("mechanic", "money", 1000) -- second parameter "money" can be "money" or "black" for black money, third parameter is amount to TAKE FROM organization
export.bJobMenu:AddMoney("mechanic", "money", 1000) -- second parameter "money" can be "money" or "black" for black money, third parameter is amount to ADD TO organization

NOTE: You will receive small SQL file that adjust jobs and job_grades table, it will add new columns. Under job_grades all permisions are default to 0 - false on new table insert and you need to manually set all to 1 for your boss grades, then, boss will be able to further adjust them trough menu. :smiley:

Resource usage is as minimal as it can be: 0.01, but if you decide to user markers, then near it, CPU msec can go to 0.06, if you, however, don’t want to use markers, you can delete thread from the client and it will actually use 0.00 :smiley:

Dependencies for this resource are:

As my previous resource, this one is completely obfuscation or ip-lock free and you can modify it however you want.

Also, I do realize that my design skills are not good, I can’t help it, I am not an UI designer :smiley: You can modify colors or borders however you like, functionality is key.

Price for this resource is 15€ (feel free to say if this is too much) and can be purchased using this Tebex link, after which you will receive 2 resources instantly after the purchase trough Tebex.

Please do not hesitate to DM me or post below your questions, requests, ideas or if you need support. I will try to answer as fast and as accurately as possible.

Update 0.01

Removed playerinfo dependency and added it inside of the script :D
Some minor bugs fixed
Price reduced a bit

hey this looks really awesome, but 18 eur is too high in my opinion, could make some good sales if set at a lower price. anyways great work

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Thank you for the feedback, what do you think is the right price for this kind of resource ? :smiley:

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Anywhere from 8-12 euros is great place to start at. :wink:

why is the first comment always about price? Looks like a solid release and worth that money. I wouldnt change it. Was going to buy it but i dont want to add all the dependancys.

New update pushed on the same link you received in Tebex email.

Update 0.01

Removed playerinfo dependency and added it inside of the script :D
Some minor bugs fixed
Price reduced a bit

As usual, please report if you have any issues.

It doesnt work for me i cant do nothing i send you a friend request

Issue should be resolved via discord.

I added small note in the description if anyone have problem where you don’t have permissions in menu even if you are boss :smiley:

I can’t find the bplayerinfo file :sob: