[ESX][PAID] Bike Tricks

+0.14 ms … not really optimized

Optimized one is our one broski he just stole our script and try to make a new one :smiley:


just flag this shit.

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You guys do know that these animations came from GTA Story mode right? They just modified them to be able to put them into FiveM…
And you guys are charging money for this stuff?

Script looks nice.

Oh and to all the guys screaming “sTolEn CoNtENt”

Guys, the “Flag” button is there for a reason, instead of crying and shitposting just flag it and let Moderators deal with it.

I have this problem, I need help.

You just need to read it, you need mythic_notify in your server.

I have it bro

whats the keybinds for ybn version

Free here: GitHub - Frobski/frobski-stunts