[ESX] outlawalert (WildFire alerts and Hypaste MDT integration)

Check your events when players get killed, or change to use a keypress (such as modifying ambulancejob distress signal)

Store if player is dead in a variable (depending on your resource versions, may require editing)
Register keymapping G for dead players to send an alert (instead of automatically)
Register keymapping Y for players to set a waypoint to the most recent alert
Fixed Config.DebugChance, was working in reverse this whole time
Fixed spacing and changed some functions slightly

I’ve learnt a hell of a lot since I make this resource and it’s a big ol’ mess. Don’t expect any updates soon, but I will be remaking it in the future.

Hey, very nice script. I think if you made a way for police officers to pres a panic button when they are getting shut at