[ESX] Onyx Banking (orp-banking)

Anyone else getting hitch thread warnings with this resource now and then?
Nonetheless I love this resource, great work :slight_smile:

ESX’s money hud does not react to transfers and I can’t move after using the UI.

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is the folder/resource name orp-banking, if you have changed it you will need to go into the js file and change it to the modified folder name.

thanks lot

First of all, i have to say that this script is really amazing :smiley: and that everyone should use it.

It really works well when you have managed to “error tracking” and found out what dependency you actually need to have…

So… If a script have dependency…
Then it would be wise to add that to the description :wink:

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Hi, I made sure that if I am in front of the atm a message appears but it works but when I am loading the from the server the message is also displayed do you have a solution?

if playerNearBank () or playerNearATM () and not inMenu then

How do I make it so you can go to an ATM and hit “E” rather than having to type /atm

This looks sooo cool. I am going to use this for my private framework. Nice work :slight_smile:

Can’t close this screen anymore and can’t move any help?

Having same problem

found the way, don’t change name of the resource