[ESX] nui_doorlock (job/grade auth | item auth | lockpick support | display and audio with NUI)

problem fixed, thanks a lot

Just wondering with this script, is is possible to use sody_clubs like gangs authorized for doors, currently I have to use esx_doorlock for gangs which is quite annoying

Having a problem where every now and then, noone can unlock the doors and the script will need ensuring. Once it has been ensured will work fine for another hour or two, then it will do it again :frowning: no errors

yeah, ive tried a few things but no fix yet, please update if you figure anything out, ill do the same

You have this problem too :confused: i LOVE this script , but i think im have to start looking at alternatives :frowning:

Anytime I go to create a door I get this error

Best doorlock