[ESX] New_Banking Redesign

GJ is a awesome design


Like the look. Only issue I am seeing is when I try and withdraw no money is taken out and also I get frozen in the bank tab with no way out other than closing out fiveme. Any idea? Don’t see any errors unless I’m looking in the wrong area.

Wich ESX are u using?

I am using v1 final build.

EDIT: I was able to correct this issue.

Can you write the solution in case anyone needs it?

Not really a solution a lot of people would want to use but since I was just starting an install I decided to re install the server and start from scratch with that mod being the first one to be added in. I think what happened was when I made an edit to the default file I miss typed something.

is there in italian?

For PlumeESX users - implement this code, then comment out esx_atm. Works perfectly as a drop-in replacement. Thanks!

Im native Portuguese, I’m fluent in English and only added French version with the help of a friend. I did not upload an Italian file due to the translator’s errors. You can always upload a Pull Request with the Italian translation on my GitHub repro! Link

I can’t see the bank icons and the ATMs don’t work either, what could be the cause?

IF the script is starting you have to type /atm near anyone on the config file. The Bank Blips you have to enable them in the config file

same problem actually cant deposit withdraw and when exit cant move only mouse is still on the screen