[ESX] MSK Banking | Advanced Bankingsystem

Update v3.4

  • Added ATM Robbery (Added new Export: getCartridgeBursted)

Latest Version of msk_core will be needed!

Update v3.5

  • Fixed Error (SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_addonaccount/server/main.lua:18: table index is nil) on Resourcestart
  • Fixed Error (SCRIPT ERROR: ?:-1 attempt to index a nil value (field ‘integer index’))
  • Fixed stuck in Animation at ATMs if you don’t have a Bankaccount
  • Fixed NativeUI Memory Leak (resmon goes higher and higher after opening the Bank or ATM Menu a few times)
  • Added new EventHandler to the Documentation

Updated Documentation so please update the ESX files!!!

heavy prices for copied content and native ui

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