[ESX] [Modified Script] Ambulance Job with Reviving Animations

you have to go to database/items/medikit and set the limit more than >1

respawn point not working. Respawn at the spawn coords you died

Thank you for this … i use this now in my server thank you guys

i have a problem, im only can revive once, after that, i must re setjob, how can i fix that

I have the exact same issue. Any help would be appreciated!

The Script is Working Amazing
but I have only one Problem When someone Dead on my server The Notification not Coming to the ambulance Person

Anyone can Help me Please !?

Which phone are you using?

Do you have issues with not recieving ems alerts in the new gcphone?

I have the same Error.

Can you please send a new link

Can you please reupload it? It says a 404-error.

hello , can you repost the download link ?

please new link :c

New Link please

Hello, can u repost again the download link pls?