[ESX] MDev Weapon Delivery System


Hello everyone, here is a weapon purchase script with a delivery system by a NPC. You can add and remove weapons via an admin menu. Each weapon has a quantity. You can set which org/job2 has access to each weapon

ESX 1.1 or 1.2 or V1 final

Built on Rage-UI
Thanks to Riv-Tech Team

Stock system managed via admin menu

Everything is configurable

Depends on the player’s job2/org

ACE permission system


Purchase the resource from here (Tebex).

Any necessary support will be provided

New version is 0.00 ms


Good job nice realease

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Thank you brother, I hope you like it

Definitely interested, but the entire video is in French. Without seeing what is actually going on, I am hesitant to make a purchase. I’m assuming most other people will be in the same boat.

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agreed, english translations? dope concept thou

Am going to do a new video to night with english translation @Beauflexx


@Beauflexx @seawolph Am just updating my preview, enjoy boys, you can translate all with the config file