[ESX] Lychees recolection job (prx_lychees)

PRX Lychees


-Un sencillo script diseñado para la recogida, procesado y venta de lychees

-Punto de recogida con mapeado

-Punto de procesado

-Punto de Venta de Lychees

-Ademas esta actividad es una forma facil y entretenida de que los jugadores de tu servidor ganen dinero legal.


-A simple script designed for collecting, processing and selling lychees

-Collection point with mapping

- Processing point -Lychees Point of Sale

-Also, this activity is an easy and entertaining way for the players on your server to earn legal money.



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this works but when i go to pick it says press e then when i press e it dont do anything

INSERT INTO items (name, label, limit, rare, can_remove) VALUES
(‘lychee_lata’,‘Lychee enlatado’,-1,0,1)

how do i add this

PRX LEAKS in your __resource.lua? XDDDDDDD bro wtf

Ou, i miss to delete then its a old think, sorry