Esx_lscustom - Car/Character freeze/stuck

Hey fellas,

since a few days I’m having the problem that when I’m trying to customize a vehicle, as soon as I paid for the customization my character/ped and my vehicle both get stuck/freeze on point.

I’m no longer able to move, get out of the car, open my inventory, the phone, etc. etc.

No errors in console.

I’ve already tried re-installing ressources like: esx_lscustom, esx_machanicjob, els_vehicleshop

Anyone having a tip on that one, or a solution?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Do you get any errors in the f8 or server console?

Like i said in my posting, no errors. That’s what’s killing me.

Ah sorry completly missed that. but the esx_lscustom is the source of the problem?

And did you make any changes to the code recently?

No worries. I reinstalled esx_lscustom completely, so it can’t be a change in that script that I’ve made.

I also tried to disable the only vehicle trunk ressource that I’m using; didn’t solve it.

Is it “technically” possible to be a mistake in the database? I really don’t know where to search.

does this happen when you restart your server too, because a lot of time if you manual restart a resource it doesnt load the database stuff because thats connected to a mysql ready event that only gets called on server start

I’m 99% sure that it’s the same, no matter if I restart the server and try it, or if I restart the ressource.

What kills me is the fact, that the player is freezing; not just the car.

i think you need to debug the code where the player movement gets enabled again and see where it gets stuck

edit: youre not the only one

does it freeze when pressing escape? and not backspace?

I think I solved it myself:

if IsControlJustReleased(0, 38) and not lsMenuIsShowed and isInLSMarker then
				if (PlayerData.job and == 'mechanic') or not Config.IsMechanicJobOnly then
					lsMenuIsShowed = false

					local vehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn(playerPed, false)
					FreezeEntityPosition(vehicle, false)

					myCar = ESX.Game.GetVehicleProperties(vehicle)

					GetAction({value = 'main'})

TurningIsMenuIsShowed from true to false unfreezes your ped.
Turning FreezeEntityPosition(vehicle, false) from true to false unfreezes your car.

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