[esx] ls custom + benny's

I have worked on this script a bit and here we go, we can change the rear wheel on the motorbike







It’s saved in garage (i’m using jb_eden_garage2, and tested it in advancedgarage as well)

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everyone can modify cars and I have config.mecanojob only true

funny shit (well for me) … took me 3 years to give 5 minutes to this script and finally make the damn car face the right position at benny to exit automatically… its crazy how 5 min can change your life for the better! anywho… thank you for the script!

Make sure you have mechanic in client/server if your job is mechanic or mecano if you setjob mecano

did you fix it ?

does anyone know how to add f6 billing menu? I want the money that i earn to go through the society account.

How can I add more horns to the shop? Like the liberty city horn or san andreas loop horn?

Hi i try to relocate ls1…the icon moved but it’s not working…how can i fix this? i’m still an amateur in scripting thanks

I have a problem with the tuning of the vehicles. For example: I paint a vehicle green and wanting to tune another vehicle with a totally different model, the paint and some other modification is applied. Same with the stickers. It goes through the category of stickers and when it is stored, a sticker is placed that is not placed on it. Precise help with this.

Is there a way to add vehicle extras to this script? So that extras can be added/removed from LS customs.


i need a hydraulics for my car on fivem how can i do it please?

whenever i use a tunerchip on a vehicle and then go into the menu, then back out, the car is a lot faster than it should be. faster than when it was tuned with the chip. is there something i need to do to prevent this?


AddEventHandler(‘esx_lscustom:cancelInstallMod’, function()

local vehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn(PlayerPedId(), false)

--ESX.Game.SetVehicleProperties(vehicle, myCar)


To prevent repairs by backing out of the ls custom menu comment out ESX.Game.SetVehicleProperties(vehicle, myCar) in the client/main in the cancel install mod event

Hi how can I add a “repair car” menu and charge the player for it? I don´t want to use a mechanic since my servers too small for that for now. I already have repairkits but it would be more realistic if you can repair the car at LS Customs.