[ESX] Lock ingame events, Passcode Devtool

Showcase video: https://streamable.com/usq9pt
(The video features an example use scenario where a job’s action menu has been locked behind a passcode.)

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Price is only 3€ + taxes!

NO OBFUSCATION OR IP-LOCK, The script is entirely accessible


  • Set any event in any script of yours to be triggered with a passcode ingame

  • The script works via esx_menu_dialog, therefore enabling easy customization

Usage: TriggerEvent('hujo_passcode:openWithCode', rightCode, eventToTrigger, eventType), where ‘rightCode’ is the code the user needs to enter ingame, ‘eventToTrigger’ is the event you want to be triggered when the user enters the right code, and ‘eventType’ determines whether the triggered event is client-sided ('c') or server-sided ('s')

Example: TriggerEvent('hujo_passcode:openWithCode', '1515', 'esx_policejob:openArmory', 'c')

A reminder that the following script is a tool for developers to add value to their existing scripts, not a script with features included in the script itself!