Esx_kashacters and es_extended 1.2

I am trying to troubleshoot a few issues I am having with esx_kashacters while running es_extended 1.2

I notice that when loading a character from esx_kashacters, my skin settings and money are shared, and I believe this to be due to an additional SQL row being added into Users.

For example, I have 2 users created,
Another, Test
Rodger, Simmons
However, I noticed a third entry within this table which has most values filled out like its an additional character. I also notice that data for the users above, show null for skin a few other columns however the third account has these values entered.

I feel like the game is loading the settings from the third entry instead of the selected character. Does this sound right to anyone? Does anyone know how to correct this? If I modify the skin of either char using clothing store or salon and leave game, only the third entry gets updated and the resources appear to be shared between the other two characters.

default esx_kashacters in broken with 1.2, so you need to follow this github tutorial to make it work.

Trying this now, thank you!

Looks like this is a no go for me… Once the changes are made I am running into data not being saved on esx_kashacter upon logoff / logon, and issues with scripts loading xPlayer. eg, UI says jobname for job instead of unemployed, and police when set, cant access bank to withdraw funds, and default PED loads until I modify the skin settings

console error shows the following :
SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_skin/server/main.lua:10: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘xPlayer’)

might have to use skincreator instead of esx_skin.

Thank you for helping me here, It turns out I messed up commenting old code which is a rookie mistake for sure… Seems to be loading funtionalitywise now I am just running into issues with the UI which is not pulling the name, DOB, and sex correctly. Any tips on that by chance?

Heres a screenshot for an example.

Are you sure you have added all the tables you need in IdentifierTables?

And are you getting any esx_idenitity erros or errors relating to esx_identity by any chance?

Yeah, I have added all owner and identifier tables that the two strings populate… I see no script errors being thrown either.

Which esx version are you using btw? v1 final?

Correct I am using V1 Final. fx version is showing as version ‘1.2.0’

Alright, there could be a problem in the esx_kashacters(fixed version) since it was not made at the point when v1 final was out. I will try to make a fix when I get home and pass it over to you. Meanwhile, are you actually spawning with the correct charachter, regardless of it not showing the names?

@RotteRagna Yeah, pretty much everything seems to be functioning correctly once the character loads in with the exception of the esx_ambulancejob freezing my char after I am downed / revived, or respawned. I made the changes to those files as well to correct this but am still investigating if I messed that part up.

Yeah, I can send you a functional esx_ambulance resource FiveEYZ and me rewrote. I wont be able to pass it over before Friday evening.

Im definitely interested in taking whatever your able to throw my way. I appreciate your help so far.

Hi jumping on the thread here! :slight_smile:
Im getting this error. Using the modded Kashacters from FiveEYZ. I get this error when i press create on the esx_identity screen. I get to the skin creator just fine but it wont register anything under the table Users in the database? Using es_extended V1.

SCRIPT ERROR: Execution of native 000000002f7a49e6 in script host failed: Argument at index 1 was null.

callback (@esx_identity/server/main.lua:88)
ref (@esx_identity/server/main.lua:47)

Anyideas ? Feels like i missed something…

Hey RotteRagna,

Would you still be able to send the esx_ambulance resource you mentioned a couple weeks ago?

Fuck, I forgot that. Ill make sure its done today.

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Are you sure you have all YOUR identiferTabels correct?