ESX inventory issue // Can’t use “use” option

First of all I want to thank you for reading my issue!
My server is nearly finished, I’ve been having minor issues with my ESX inventory, it is holding items perfectly “give” item works perfectly and aswell as “drop” but for some reason “use” just doesn’t work, when I hover a bulletproof vest over the use option it will stay the same tone and not let me use any item I put towards it (water, food , ammo) I haven’t played around with it much because I don’t want to mess anything up, I’m fairly new to developing and it’s something that just interests me, any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

To additionally add, I’ve purchased the ESX inventory off of someone I met online and I’m not too sure what version it is. I will try and get this information ASAP so hopefully I can get more accurate feedback.