[ESX] Inventory inspired by Trsak ❤

when I take food or water. Nothing’s happening

nice scripts

Hey, is there anyway i can make this compatible with the allhousing script the inventory wont work.


Is it possible to use black money to buy items from black-market or illegalshop?

Thanks in advance

Possible. Replace your inventory’s property Lua with this one

property.lua (5.9 KB)

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Thanks for that I eventually figured it out but the main problem is the motel is there any way you can figure out why the motel inventory doesnt work, I can put items into it but cant put them back into my player inventory.

Any error on the console when you store or try to take it out?

No i looked on the f8 console and the other server console nothing pops up

The thing is the bed stash works in the motel and any other inventory for that matter just not the main hotel inventory.

I am not sure what’s wrong!

Yeah me either it does that with all the motel scripts but i will figure it out thanks for your help!

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Welcome brother