[ESX] Inventory inspired by Trsak ❤

Hi :heart:,

We together with amazing contributors have been editing the original esx_inventoryhud for the last year and we want to share it with you on this forum today.

It’s better to upgrade your server to ESX 1.2!

What version do you use?
  • ESX 1.1
  • ESX 1.2
  • EXM

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  • Drag and drop to use an item
  • Double click to use an item
  • Dropping items and pick them up
  • Giving items to other players
  • Item hotbar with saved position in database
  • Use item by 1-5 key
  • Accounts support (bank, black money, …)
  • Weapons and ammunition clips as item
  • Weapon attachements (like a flashlight on your pistol)
  • Configurable shops in config (police, nightclub, blackmarket, weapons)
  • Motels support
  • Property support (esx_property)
  • Rentable lockers (integrated)
  • Trunk support (integrated)
  • Glovebox support (integrated)
  • Bag support (integrated)
  • Pocket support (integrated)
  • Another players inventory support (rob somebody)
  • Fully configurable (check config.lua and html/js/config.js)
  • Multiple languages supported (check locales/ and html/locales/ directories)

:heart: Trsak for the original esx_inventoryhud ← the best guy out there and most credits to him due to origin
:heart: TaerAttO ← for the vault addon
:heart: all contributors ← for great updates
:heart: humanity ← for existence

Download from Github
Greets from the Netherlands :netherlands:


NEIDER12 here! Thank you guys!!! Keep the good work as always! <3


By gamers, for gamers :heart:


Thank you very much for this script <3
All is working fine for me, I just wanted to know if there is a way to remove bags or inspect other’s player bags, thank you!

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Not yet! But we won’t leave!

We have some planned features that will be done as soon as we have made it :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys are amazing! If only it worked for es_extened 1.1 :sob: :sob:


Alright, lets vote and see how much people want it for which version. Maybe we will go support it. Maybe.

Check main post for poll.


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Love to see an update for 1.1

Speaking of, the ESX devs should release a 1.3 update that is compatible with both 1.1 servers and 1.2 servers. Weight system is cool and all, but it’s a pain in the ass to get scripts that work with 1.1 to work with 1.2. Ain’t worth the time. Besides, item limits are actually pretty useful for balancing.


is this optimized?

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Thank you for even considering this! This would be GAME CHANGING for 1.1 like I cannot even explain how amazing this would be.

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does it a datastore and inventory addon for locker yet or is that not finished?

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No sql file for the required databases?

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SCRIPT ERROR: @DP_Inventory/server/glovebox.lua:50: bad argument #1 to ‘find’ (string expected, got nil)

getOwnedVehicle (@DP_Inventory/server/glovebox.lua:50)
MakeDataStoreTrunk (@DP_Inventory/server/trunk.lua:75)
GetSharedDataStoreTrunk (@DP_Inventory/server/trunk.lua:87)
handler (@DP_Inventory/server/trunk.lua:93)
ref (@DP_Inventory/server/trunk.lua:166)
TriggerServerCallback (@es_extended/server/functions.lua:160)
handler (@es_extended/server/common.lua:72)

can ui please help

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Prob the same thing i am having with the sql databases not being found.

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For those in need i have created the basics for the sql file needed. I am sure i still need to fix the rest but will update when i can. dp_invnetroy.sql (1.0 KB)

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We’ve updated the SQL file on the repo.

For the lockers do:

CREATE TABLE `inventory_lockers` (
  `owner` varchar(50) NOT NULL,
  `lockerName` varchar(50) NOT NULL

No own table, we’ve added the sql

Sounds like the car has no plate, but restart the server and try again

BTW; we did not include item images from the example image because they are copyrighted. You can download your own images on websites like: www.flaticon.com

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