Esx_identity + Esx_kashacters - STUCK! Please help!

Hello! Im trying to get my esx_identity working, in other words, let people registrate their character. The only problem is that im stuck here , in other words the registration is not popping up.

Im also using esx_kashacters , i tried turning off the kashacters, but no registration for the player came up, just spawned me in directly without giving me a option to make my character… I’ve completely cleaned out my database from users/characters and everything there between…

I would really appreciate some tips here guys, anyone got any tips on what i can try?

here is all the errors im getting

Anyone? :frowning:

Same problem here with stucked window. Only without errors.

Does the /register command work? Or try typing register in the console in F8.

Check f8 for the error