can i change the name of the command?? im portuguese and im doing and esx portuguese server, and here the command it is /darchaves.

you would have to find

TriggerEvent('es:addCommand', 'givecarkeys', function(source, args, user)

in server/main.lua

and change it to

TriggerEvent('es:addCommand', 'darchaves', function(source, args, user)

where can i change it ?
i don’t want people who can open the car by breaking the window.

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cant install it, it says

Because this isn’t updated for the newer ESX. It’s still using es:addcommand which is from essentialmode. The new ESX does not need it.

TriggerEvent(‘es:addCommand’, ‘givecarkeys’, function(source, args, user)
TriggerClientEvent(‘esx_givecarkeys:keys’, source)

You will need to re-code that so it works with the new es_extended.

how do i set it to where the person doesn’t need to own the car

could you recode it or send an tutorial i cant find one to recode
pls thx

What’s the point of this then?

hello , this script give the car but dont give the key , i just tested and the previous owner can lock/unlock the car not the new owner , how can i do to also pass the keys to the new owner please ?

Nice Scirpt, everything works! I made a extra Part for Mechanics to park the Cars if finished in the mechanic garage :slight_smile: Simple but effectiv Script Big Thanks!!!

Hello I have the same problem as Kyinxa. I need the version for the newer one of esx. Can somebody send me the new script for the 1.2? it would be great.

Give car keys is not working on my server, it doesnt even give the option to work.
Does anyone know a fix?

Is there any updates to this script?

None, might revisit it soon if people still use this one.

I do, please

is there a way i can make it so that someone can’t sell a certain category of cars ??
using /givecarkeys