[ESX] GC-Inventory | Free [Release] | Out of support (NO SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED ANYMORE)


Heiiii is there a way to get this only works for items and remove weapon system and the shortkeys?

if you want to remove durability then set false in main.lua

You Can Try To Convert Using Your Current Inventory :slight_smile:

may i ask is this compatible to es_extended 1.2 or v1 final or exm?


@BrooklynRp I installed it on my v1 final server and works perfectly

thank you so im gonna try to my server too <3

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do we need also disc-ammo ???

could you also provide the durabilty thing??

Its already their for some weapons! U can add more in client

Hello, I got this inventory working but there are certain problems i encountered.

  1. Items cannot be relocate to other slots but It can be relocate to the hotkey slots
  2. Cannot access Shops (Stores)
  3. attempt to call a nil value (field 'CreatePickup') when dropping an item to the ground

You can check this video. Don’t see any errors on JS and Lua on server and client side.

yea i havent tried make function in which you can switch slots but im working on it :slight_smile:


should also add the option to select which player u are giving an item to

So i have everything fixed. But when I buy a weapon and trying to add ammo for it. It doesn’t work.
I mean, if the ammo is in the inventory and I move it to use, nothing happens. Then i’m trying to put in, in the actionbar, and press 2, to see if that will load the weapon, and then this happens.

Any idea what to do and how to even reload the weapon with the “disc-ammo”.

Thank you.

I’ve resolved this issue now. It was a conflict with inferno weapons. I haven’t figured out the resolution but for now disabled it. All working fine after that.

Well I don’t have a script from inferno weapons added.
I really dont have any scripts active, beside the es_extended and the common scripts that follows for everything to work.
Seems like its a thing with items.

So I figure out, what the problem was. It seems like whenever you buy ammo, it doesn’t added the “count” to the “disc_ammo” table in the database.

Does anyone have the same problem and maybe a solution?

Greetings basically all the addictions I switched but no pop up menu someone could help :joy:

having an issue where i cant put weapons in the hotbar. using esx 1.2
fixed, but now its not putting the weapon in my hand when i draw it

did you get yours working? im having the same issue.