Hello! I put [Release][Free][ESX] esx_garaging on my server and put the SQL in the database. So you can buy and sell garages, but when you want to park your car in the garage, the script always says it’s not my car. what could be the reason? Kind regards, Tommy

Check the identifier in owned_vehicles table

That’s a license. It is an ESX legacy and it is also set to license in the config

Can anyone help me? otherwise script 1a runs, but parking doesn’t work :frowning:

Give us more information please like a screenshot of your “error” or “warning”. Your current owned_vehicles table etc.

The message in the game is that it is not my vehicle. This is the message that is also included in the script.

As I said, I’m surprised that everything works according to the script. I can buy them, laptop ect. I just can’t get the car in. Then he says it’s not my car. Kind regards, Tommy