[ESX] Garage + Impound

Hello there, this is another cool Garage Design with a cool new feature.


  • Impound function (Looks like Garage)
  • Garage (Park in and out vehicles)
  • Police and EMS Vehicles Support
  • Favorite Vehicles Function
  • Animation on hover
  • Open Source

Video not available for now…


  • ESX (1.1, 1.2 or Legacy)
  • MySQL (Database)
  • Vehicleshop (Every vehicleshop works)
Another Scripts

Report Script: Report UI
Car Lock UI: Car Lock UI V2
LSPD Ad: LSPD Advertisement

Buy: Click to buy!


hope you like it <3

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Looks very good, but i don’t think 20 is worth it for that

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updated to 14,99€ and thank you for comment :smiley:

Use asset escrow?

no, open source

No answer from the developer for days, nice ! This thing is full of bugs and no one helps you , so you can throw you money out of the window

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