ESX Gangs, Gang Turf Wars

would you please beable to help i changed the name to my db and it says erroror in syntax
mariadb i use heidi sql

so i deleted them out my db and ran the table in my db and gona import the script to cfg n resources see how this goes

doesnt work for me

will reply with an update soon if possible

how can link between gang and turf


this doesnt work

hello, If you have a working copy of this script, would you mind sending it to me please? I have one error I can’t get rid of.

how did you set the job ingame ?
plz reply

I need please

hey would u be able to send me the link

I need it please

can i get it too please

need this plz

So I have this full functioning but it doesn’t not include /leavegang. So every time someone wants to join a new gang or leave a gang they have to call admin. Anyone have a fix for this ?

I am having the same issue as well. If anyone has a fix for this /leavegang that would be great, Its a hassle a admin has to remove someone from a gang if they want to leave gang and or join a new gang. I’m on v1 Final as well.

Edit: I managed to get this working by adding my own “RegisterCommand” to the server.lua.

Anyone know how to make it so dead players dont count for winning the turf. I have a problem where people just stay in the turf when they are dead and they still win the turf.

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I need it

Copy and paste this into your server.lua file

RegisterCommand(“leavegang”, function(src, args, raw)
local source = src
local l_gang = getPlayerGang(source)
local l_rank = l_gang ~= nil and getPlayerRank(source, l_gang) or nil
if (l_gang ~= nil and l_rank ~= nil) then
local xTarget = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source)
end, false)