[ESX] [FREE] - Wasabi's fivem-appearance [UPDATED 10/1/2022]

esk_skin and skinchanger are dependecies for ohter resources so i’m not sure if i can remove them completly

Remove ox_appearance and add fivem-appearance provide by Wasabi

provides {

This is found within the fivem-appearance fxmanifest.lua.

This script has a lot of compatibility with esx_skin/skinchanger so chances are whatever scripts depended on these two resources will be fine running my fork of fivem-appearance as an alternative. If they are not supported it is pretty easy to adapt the script for this appearance script.

TLDR; This script will not work properly regardless if esx_skin/skinchanger are in the server.

that’s 100% true after removing them did not notice any dysfunction, only player freezes after registaration whitch was like that before adding this ressources (this doesn’t happens always)

Removing money ?

Hello, I have a question, how can I configure locker rooms for specific jobs?

in fact the problem is if we enelve skinchanger and esx_skin bha to the creation of the character how we do because it is necessary esx_skin is skinchanger?

Update 10/1/2022

  • Configurable pricing for use of shops
  • Export to open wardrobe(Useful for opening saved outfits in housing scripts, etc) exports['fivem-appearance']:openWardrobe()

Excatly what i wanted

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Everything works 100% with no issues ! Awsome work !

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