[ESX][FREE] Resmurf Properties System

I would try a 2nd interior and a totally different location,

Will continue updating tomorrow.

Thats great news! keep up the good work!

The exit point is the same as the enter point. Make sure you actually placed it in the proper place. No too far up or down.

You forgot to add the property name when you bought it. I will block this from happening again on next update.

my problem is when you buy a propertie and enter you cant leave getting this error in server console

Please show me the entire error.

This could be because of many reasons. I do not recommend restarting the property system while being inside one. That’ll bug you out.

There’s a command that is commented out; you may uncomment it and use it while outside a property. /resetinterior i believe it’s the command.

Then show me the entire error, it should show an error when you go inside it.

thats the whole error the onley think i do is create a propertey then enter when i try leave i get the red error and it dosent teleport me outside when i try to press open property inventory butten i get the secend error

this is the hole error

how to get in a game

@Hezim @Spacetrucker DM me. Lets schedule some testing so i can fix your issues. Some of your problem seem to be scenario specific which is weird.

I’ve made tons of updates which i’m not yet releasing until i fix yours too.

awesome, hope to find some time for sure, honestly, nothing has changed and I have documented every step, all the error codes have been added to this forum for everyone to look at. I still think this is the best housing script on the fivem forums. Just does not load when the server starts, it works fine when I manually start it from the f8 console. I would be happy if there was a piece of code i could stick in in another resource to force it to load haha after it checks if a player is online or something

well almost gave up on this working, I still am not having any luck, I am running server build 2189 to have all the dlc unlocked,. its the last thing that I could think of that might be causing troubles with this resource loading with the rest of the server. having to start it manually is a no go

Or just put restart properties in server cfg at the end for now until fix

I am pretty sure I have tried that, . having start properties at the top of the server cfg then restart properties at the bottom. maybe ill try it again if there is another update. thanks a ton for the suggestion

Is there a way to also add garages on the spot???

When is the update coming i tryd to contact you :grinning:

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If I wanted to have the exit blip visible from further away, how would i do that?

got it working, i had a bad interior ID, apparently interior id 70 maybe is broken or doesn’t exist.