[ESX] [FREE] hs_container





  • Players can use a key to open a container and choose one of six options
  • The selection of the reward is random, and there is no way to manipulate this behavior
  • Includes Discord logs
  • Cheat/exploit protected: distance checks for events
  • Showroom (customizable!)
  • Custom animation when opening a container
  • Keys can be generated on request via console or export and then appear in Discord as an embed
  • Custom UI (using React framework)
  • Low MS (Idle: 0.00ms, In use: 0.04ms - 0.08ms)
  • XSS-safe (thanks to React)


  • All texts, etc. are adjustable
  • German and English are provided as standard languages
  • ESX: Legacy and Infinity supported
  • Also customizable on custom frameworks (server.lua)
  • Discord webhooks for management and players (separate)
  • Number of opening spots, blips, markers


  • The UI is also completely open-source but needs to be rebuilt (npm install && npm run build) after making any changes


  • es_extended: 1.1 / 1.2 / etc.



What a cool concept! Heads up, you may want to change your own Discord webhook as yours appears to be in the server config.

Well thanks for your answer. :slight_smile:

They were some left-overs from testing.
We removed them.


Nice Script, can you make a qb version? :smile:

Sure. I’ll update the script in the next days.

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when will it be ready for qb core? :slightly_smiling_face:

do you have it ready now? :slightly_smiling_face: