[ESX] [FREE] Adventcalendar

Errors on this script
and i have the sql add

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[ script:mysql-async] [MariaDB:10.4.21-MariaDB] [ERROR] [Reversum_AdventCalendar] An error happens for query “SELECT tag FROM users WHERE identifier = ? : [LISENCE]”: ER_BAD_FIELD_ERROR: Unknown column ‘tag’ in ‘field list’

Anyone know how to fix this i added the sql in users with day 0 as default.

I ask for help


Everytime, i opened a gift, my screen freezes at the tree. I can move the character, but the camera is stuck. Any known solutions? Thx

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Me to pls help @Paradox_Yannik

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same as above pls help @Paradox_Yannik

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I will take a Look into your error

if you need additional info let me know

Something new about it @Paradox_Yannik

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Hello, i´ve installed the calendar but i´m stucking in a video animation. After this nothing happens. I must reconnect

Any solution?

pls hhelp fast. its the first december :smiley:

just stuck on legacy 1.8,5

still not working on esx 1.7.5
stuck on christmas tree and wont get any present
anyone got fix?
No error in consol or f8

still trying to find the error

Update will be pushed to github today.

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nothing on Git yet it still says 13 months ago

Does not Work for ESX Legacy 1.7.5 im am getting stuck in front of the Tree and nothing happens, cant move, no Error in Console, must relog