ESX Forklift Delivery

On github. I sent everyone that purchased the mod an invite to the repo.

EDIT: It was the enc0ded-forklift-trailer mod that was updated btw

Anyone who downloaded the updated enc0ded-forklift-trailer mod last night from github should download the new ESX-Forklift-Delivery mod I’ve just pushed or you could have some issues with pallets not updating their Decors. Thanks.

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This is very beautiful

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This is very awesome! Nice job!

my invite as expired i didnt notice the invites can u resend me pls ?! also u should made an update so that the forklift can go a little bit higher on the forks… some times its a pain in the ass to take the pallets out even with the trailer lower cuz the forklift doesnt go high enough…or make the trailer lower… one of both but most of the times its really annoying to grab the pallets…

Unfortunately you cannot make the forks on the forklift go higher and it’s impossible to make the trailer go any lower than I already have. I tested it thoroughly and you should always have enough height to get the pallets off with the trailer lowered, unless you park the trailer on uneven ground. Sometimes you need to park the trailer in a good spot and take the pallets the rest of the way with the forklift.

I will resend the invite.

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Hello, I have a problem with the truck and the trailer is so impossible to put the loads, it is very something and then it does not let me lower them either

Hi, can you open an issue on GitHub so I can best help you resolve this issue.

Please include your FXServer version, console log of client and server and a video of the issue.


It is basically the problem that everyone has, the truck is not high enough to lower and raise the loads

the forklift is not the same as I have the one that appears in your video

Load the enc0ded-forlift-trailer and ESX-Forklift-Delivery mod last. You probably have a car pack with a forklift handling.meta overwriting mine. Anyway, I won’t provide support on here, if you need more help please open an issue on Github, you have been invited to the repo.

its a nice scripts and all but i had to try to redownload it through email cause server was being funky and the package says its not there anymore… i dont feel like rebuying something i already bought

Hi, you were invited to the github repo by email when you purchased the mod so you could receive updates. If the invite has expired please dm me your email address.

I forgot to add this feature in v1.1 so I’ve added it to v1.1.1 This Link will only work for customers.

Sorry it took so long.

Hello i just bought your script and its not letting me download i sent you a email of the situation Thank You

Did you receive this script in the end? I was in hospital for 4 months and my wife was handling it. She may have missed some.

I send you a mail , can i have the link to dl the script^^