ESX Fake Vehicle Plates



This scripts allow the players to place and remove fake vehicle plates for their criminal activities. The vehicle will not be able to be targeted by the police, the vehicle owner will always be unknown while having a fake vehicle plate. In order to find the criminal, police and everyone can remove the vehicle plate by using a Multitool.

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  • Progress Bars - (While Interaction).
  • Custom Items Usage - (Placing & Removing Fake Plates).
  • Suitable Global Connections - (Inserting all fake plates when entering game).

We also provide you item images.


The code is not obfuscated and fully customizable.


If the script doesn’t work properly or you don’t know how to set it up properly, the team will happily assist you.

PRICE: 6.00€ + VAT
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Love it! Great price.

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Thank you!

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Works great!!! Thanks again man.

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Youre welcome my friend!

Just let your mechanics know or your developer, to not allow any mods to be changed while a vehicle has a fake plate placed, such as colors, engine levels, etc.

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I’ll let my players know when I announce that it’s in the city. Think you could add in a trigger that we can add to our mechanic script to check for a fake plate, and if there is one installed a notification will pop up saying to remove it to install upgrades?

Something like trigger client/serverevent(‘checkplate’) fakeplate = true then export mythic_notify - sendalert remove fake plate!

Obviously that isn’t the correct wording for it. :joy:

Also should add in when a plate is removed it’s added back to your inventory.

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What i do is just checking if a vehicle has the fake vehicle plate text that i have chosen in order to not allow any changes, but i can do that if you want.

Also, second idea is also very easy and more realistic, i can do that too when i get back from work.

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That would be cool, I agree, second part is easy I’m just not at my PC to do it as well. :joy:

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Okay I put in the line for adding the plate back into inventory when removed. I also edited this to work with RufiCarKeys if anyone else uses that resource for car keys.

Lines 185-189 in client.lua

-- SetVehicleNumberPlateText(vehicle, Config.FakePlateText)

                    SetVehicleNumberPlateText(vehicle, "FTPBCH"..tostring(math.random(00, 99)))

                    local vehiclePlate = GetVehicleNumberPlateText(vehicle) 

                    local vehicleModel = GetDisplayNameFromVehicleModel(GetEntityModel(vehicle))

                    TriggerServerEvent('RufiCarkey:RegisterPlate', vehiclePlate, vehicleModel)

EDIT: If this is breaking any rules by posting that edit, please let me know and I’ll remove it.


The data is persistent?

The data gets reset when server is restarting or when a plate is removed.

Updated to 2.0.0

  • Script only Supports ESX Legacy.

  • Removed progressBars which used to be inserted manually to the script. It is now an optionable dependency which you can download from Here

  • Sql file has been modified.