[ESX/EXM] - CarMusic | MusicEverywhere - A NUI synchronized music script to animate your server [PAID]

okay, this is next level crazy I’m gonna buy this shit asap, brilliant work man

gotta close f8 menu lol

Hey bro can i talk to you

Hey there, yes you can. Send me a PM whenever you want :slight_smile:

Not providing support , script didn’t work for 5 days , “Invalid TRANS ID”
I told him that , he said “Update the script”…
And so I updated the script, and still same error…
After I sended him the script , he didn’t wanted to download it , he was thinking it’s a virus lol.
And i said , it’s your fuking script provide support for it… After that i got blocked and banned from discord…
I would not suggest anyone to buy this crap , it’s not even working… And he is not providing any support for it , you have to adjust everything on your own !

I need help with the script it is not working for me

He has been very helpful when I needed help. So I would think you’re either lying or not telling the whole story to make yourself seem innocent.

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Hey there, please feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Not true at all. You spammed me in my discord PM’s (with your main and secondary accounts). You sent me files with viruses, both virustotal and windows defender accused that. After I gently asked you to see what was wrong with that, you insulted me several times, slandered me and once again you went to my discord server and started spamming with your secondary account. Anyone can see from my customers that support is guaranteed, we just need to be kind to each other and everything works out. And yes, just like @LlamaPalooza said, the script works and you omitted a lot of information.
Thanks @LlamaPalooza for the amazing support. <3


lol you’re wrong . danny is good and give 100% support . i think the problem comes from you because can’t even wait for danny . last time i got problem danny help me until it’s fixed and danny also got helped me with other script too . LOL


Yo, have you got a qbus version of this

Hey there, contact me in PM’s please…

Update v1.2.4 (Hotfix)
-General Optimization (Mainly from RAM usage)
-Adjustments for the most updated xsound
-Fixed minor issues
(If you haven’t received the update via email, send me a message)

When I play the music it doesn’t work :c

Hey there, have you bought the script at least? Because I can’t find your username at all in tebex list :slight_smile:
Also this is not the place to get support. Send me a PM or an email.

Hey my buddy bought the script how does he get the standalone version

I got the download link VIA email I click the link and it don’t download mate

Hey ! if you haven’t figured it out yet, I had the same issue.
I resolved it by right clicking the link and hitting ‘copy link address’ and pasting it in the address bar
for some reason, it works then.

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Also having a few issues with the script. Car radios is buggy won’t turn up and can’t change song etc

Make sure you paste your transaction ID in the transid.lua aswell

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