[ESX] esx_tk_houserobbery - Break into NPC houses

Hello i have this error when i start the script
[ citizen-server-impl] You lack the required entitlement to use esx_tk_houserobbery
[ citizen-server-impl] Couldn’t start resource esx_tk_houserobbery.

I have pd-safe, mythic_progbar and es_extend

"You lack the required entitlement to use

Try restarting your server and make sure your server license key is correct. If you bought the resource on the wrong account, you can transfer it to another account on keymaster."

Update 1.6.5

  • Move function LockpickingHelpText to editable client file

Update 1.6.6

  • Performance improvements

Update 1.6.7

  • Make variable disturbance global

Possible to change the minigame when breaking into a door to like lockpick minigame?

Yes, you can change the minigame in the editable client file.


Actually when i press E to lockpick the door, i enter inside a house directly without lockpiking action?

mythic_progbar will not avalaible on github website???

Hey! Make sure your job isn’t set to police, otherwise you will be able to enter all houses. And you can change the progress bar in client/main_editable.lua.

Thank you guy :wink: it works now!

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yo any luck