[ESX] Enhanced Police Job | Over 20 features

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After endless hours of working, We’ve finally made our enhanced esx police job! We built this script for our police officers, as the standard esx_police job wasn’t cutting it!

Let’s take a look into the features.


  • Optimized extremely well, 0.00 idle!

  • Ability to cuff and uncuff players with animations!

  • People getting cuffed are able to skill check their way out of it! (Ox lib, Skill check)

  • Citizen ID look up, Officers are able to check the ID of people they’re near! (Uses esx identity!)

  • Built in community service This includes /comserv command which is built into our script! (Adds a alternative to sending people to prison!)

  • Built in /panic button, (Can be binded too!) Which will show all officers your position with a set way point bind! (Optional, can be disabled via config)

  • Your average vehicle interaction, Lockpick, Check plate/owner!

  • Ability to escort cuffed players!

  • Ability to fine players through the police menu! (Currently supports esx billing!, Will be adding more soon!)

  • Ability to place objects, like spike strips, cones ect (can add more from our config!)

  • Ability to allow fast cuffing, This is basically a bind which you are able to set, which will allow officers to use (for example) [J] and it’ll cuff them!

  • Ability to pull out police helicopter! (based on grades within your job too!)

  • Ability to set up a armoury within the job it’s self, Allows different grades to have access to certain weapons/items (Discord logs coming soon!)

  • And much more!!


  • We’re currently working on adding blips to each officer to know there exact where abouts! (this is almost finished!)

  • We want to build a advanced jail system, Which will be built into this police job (for free) This is underway, But no where near finished.

  • We plan to add some sort of evidence system in the near future.


  • To stay affordable we’ve listed the price at £17.99 (This may alter on where you’re from)

Common questions?

  • Will this be added to QBcore? (Currently no, We have little experience with QB-Core’s framework and we do not plan to learn it anytime soon!)

  • What version of ESX Does it work with? (We built this on esx legacy, However, If you purchase and use 1.1 for example, we will happily make it work for your version!)

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| Code is accessible | No
| Subscription-based | No
| Lines (approximately) | 3000+
| Requirements | ESX, OX LIB, (interact sound for panic button optional)
| Support | Yes


Just bought it, It was literally a drag and drop, Everything works so far, Quality bro

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Thank you very much mate!

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well worth the money !


Thank you! More to come soon

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When do you think the blips for other officers will be done by? (My first script I’ve paid for and I’m happy with it already lol)

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Update will be ready for tomorrow

Actually very useful bro everything works perfect and so easy to set up.

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Cheers pal!