[ESX - ENG/DE] myProperties - with Key management, doorbell signs, property wallet, storage and wardrobe (PAID)

Definitively worth the money, amazing job my dude. I recommend to anyone considering buying this.

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Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I have been trying to get a new inventory system working with no luck. Anyway the fix you posted seems to work! Thank you!
I am also already on your discord but I am in so many servers it is hard to keep track of them all.

Thanks again!

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Pls help me! How to add more house??

Simply through the prop table in the database :slight_smile:

hello i have a problem with the voice chat i’m with mumble voip sertin player manages to hear but else no i don’t know what to do i look everywhere to find the problem but i can’t find please help me sorry my English is bad

Question : How to implement Mumble for myProperties, so players can’t hear each other, when they are in a different instance Solution : Go to myProperties/client.lua and search for (lines 1121f.)


and replace it with


And search for


and replace this with


I have a problem with inventory, it say:
“it’s not going good, try to restart the game” but nothing happing, what i can do for fix the inventory in house?


you have to use my modified versions of esx_addoninventory and esx_datastore, then it will load the inventories after a rejoin.

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how to get that?

It was included in the files you got from the download

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has anyone figured out how to get inventoryhud to work for the inventory?

why when i press e no menu shows and the circle go away


this only happens when you don’t have the NativeUI from the readme. Simply download this file and try again :wink:

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i have a problem with this script and onesync infinity, i get a lot of hitch warning when runing this script. and thats a problem, upp to 10 000ms. iam using esx v1 final. the problem starts when there is 70+ players. the scripts is uppdated and i have the legit verison.