[ESX - ENG/DE] myDrugs - GTA:O styled and perfect for RP (PAID - 5€)


This is where the problem occurs. I also can’t store the supplies. It keeps sitting in my inventory when I try to deposit it via the menu / pc. There is no message that pops up. I’m using an weight-based system, I don’t know if this has anything to do with the problem.


I could imagine one common case where this problem occurs, but this would be very easy to fix. In this case there should be an error on server-side.
I’ll send you a PM for further assistance!

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This script is awesome. Had some Problems to set it up right but that was my fault. But one issue stays. I have bought a farm, over the night the Server restarts and I went there earlier and had a double entry in the entry to the farm. Is that an issue or wanted?

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simply go to client.lua line 958 and uncomment

ownedFarms = {}

this will resolve your issue :slight_smile:

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Hey i have a problem with the script. can u please help me ? im getting a error. i love all the scripts u have i purchased them all! due to my lack of knowledge im confused.


of course I can. I’ll contact you via PM!

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Hi, i bouhgt ur script but i can’t see other people when i go on a mission. + EasyAdmin doesn’t work if i downgrade to your NativeUI. I only see people again when i go inside and the shop and go outside again (others can’t see me to)

Edit fixed the issue, turn off Config.useRoutingBuckets = false – BETA

NativeUI + EasyAdmin still don’t work + is there a way to turn on that a certain amount of police agents need to be online?

Check whether you maybe have to edit the old EasyAdmin NativeUI dependency in the fxmanifets or ressource.lua.
In Addition I’ve sent you a PM for further support :slight_smile:
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Hey, some players(including myself) have a problem of the farm taking twice as much crafting material on a server, so 4 for one complete drug instead of 2 and for some palyers the upgraded truck still gives 20-30 ish materials while it should give 70+.
The problem its working correctly for most of the players, while its bad for only a couple of them.
Does anybody noticed these problem? What can cause these?

anyone have this error??
and have a solution???

Then your esx:getSharedEvent is modified or you started the script too early.
Something in this direction

[ script:MyDrugs] SCRIPT ERROR: @MyDrugs/server.lua:59: attempt to index a nil value (upvalue ‘ESX’)


what happen about this?

[ script:MyDrugs] SCRIPT ERROR: @MyDrugs/server.lua:306: attempt to perform arithmetic on a vector3 value (local ‘vecposition’)

This is caused because you inserted the MenuExample from NativeUI into your ressources folder. This have to be deleted. And the other error is there, because you set useOneSyncInfinity to true in the Config, but it isn’t really enabled

When I hit “buy supplies on your own” and it spawns the vehicle, when/if i start driving it will break the car slowly and then the car will shutdown. Any fixes?

I guess this is caused by a vehicle script you use on your server. By default the vehicle won’t break.

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myDrugs - Update - 28.07.2021

  • Added checks for common problems during the installation. The script won’t throw errors anymore, and will directly print the solution for the problem into the server console.
  • Added the items to the default sql-file, so you don’t have to add them manually anymore
  • Added a protection, so you can not sell a negative amount of items