ESX Discord rich presence

Working on a fix

Download the newest version

Thx, and really appreciate your work !!

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Just noticed today.
Doesnt affect anything tho

Ah probably not cheking the server event if player is loaded will fix it in a couple of days

Hello, can you provide me with a picture of my job?

Just search the job that you want here.

Ok thank you very much

hey man, nicejob, can you tell how to change the ID:2| BOOST OF TIME with something like players : 20/128 ? that would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

If you want to do that you will need to change 65 line at client.lua

SetRichPresence('ID:' .. GetPlayerServerId(NetworkGetEntityOwner(GetPlayerPed(-1))) .. ' | ' .. GetPlayerName(PlayerId()) .. ' | ' ..' '.. Config.PlayerText ..' ' .. #GetActivePlayers() .. '/' .. tostring(Config.PlayerCount))```


SetRichPresence(Config.PlayerText ..' ' .. #GetActivePlayers() .. '/' .. tostring(Config.PlayerCount))
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Thanks for the help

Can u add a link for the Dependencies (Discord Bot)

You will need to create a discord bot

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Good, good to me it does not appear to me in a state of playing I thought it was me but after reviewing I realized that it was not me at first everything goes well but then it comes out playing fivem and then nothing comes out, I would like you to help me with this problem.Thank you




I really don’t know why it gives me an error and that I have the server on