🩸 [ESX] Core Evidence UPDATED V2 - Bullet shells, Fingerprints, Blood samples, Archives [Paid]

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but would it be possible for a future update to add in evidence bags being needed to pickup evidence? With that being said also adding in where the evidence is stored in a players actual inventory till they analyze it.

Why did I install the plug-in with only cartridge case evidence, no blood or fingerprints

I have bought the script but no download link. Wait since 3 days …

I sent u

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Can u help me, i cant see the blood the collect it

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I want the labels for Firstname, lastname, job, sex to have a label so i can translate it to my own language. Because now it will just show the database rowname… Is there any way to change this?


Can one be made for QBCore?

Will be converted soon :slight_smile:

Alright sounds cool. I would love this on the server I’m working on. Thank you.


  • Changed evidence locker ui
  • Added printing sounds
  • Fixed blood not showing up bug that some experiance
  • Added multiple job support

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If only it worked or if only there was support.

bad support

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This dev shouldn’t be allowed to sell more products. The script doesn’t work and he refuses to give support. Waste of money! In fact you are costing me more money because now I have to go and buy another one to replace your crappy one. We pay a lot of money for these scripts, not fixing it is like theft. And I’m not the only one complaining.


My associate replied that im away now. So please wait for support if you dont know how to drag the file and upload sql.

It’s been 10 days since you last replied. And don’t patronize me. I know how to drag and upload a sql file but you did not tell me this is the issue nor do I think it is the issue.

sql upload is where you upload everything to your database like Items and Cars?

I Dont know how and where you use to connect but maybe MariaDB / PhpMyAdmin or Navicat ?
Go to your MySql - Sign in - Go to SQL Tab - Drag and drop.

I Just saw the pictures from you now XD
I Do not have this resource and the picture is not very big on my screen.
It looks like a nil value (And it cound maybe be a SQL error or a script error)
Hard to tell but If it is possible to buy the ressource today I go and check it XD
But i am not sure about the store is automatic or I have to wait now when the support is on vacation .

Did you get it working

Is there a way, that I must save the DNA of a player manual, so that I only have an result for the DNA if I saved the DNA of the player, eg. at the first arrest?

Sorry did not understand

Ok next try: I check the DNA of a player and always get a result, right? Is there a way that you have to save a player’s DNA in a DB first and only get a result when querying if you already have this DNA saved in your DB?