[ESX] Circle HUD (status, speed, fuel)

okej thanx

install the b2k_minimap

Have done but still have it :+1:

Are you planing on making the seatbelt work, i can see it in the code but it commented ? @nafingone

Does the seatbelt not work? Awesome script but really need a working seatbelt!

can you share this link please.

How do i use the to voip things that the hud have ?

nice mod. and i know the map is seperate but how do you get it to go away when you get out of your vehicle?

Hello good morning/afternoon!

May i release a version of this which i have made for non-esx users?

Key features and differences i have from the original:
You can actually move the DIV elements around the screen with arrow keys.
Save the location of the DIV elements per player in a json file.

Hey for some reason it shows this for me? image

Link says page not found, mind linking it again?

Are you able to share this?

None of the images for the speedometer are there.

Thank you OP for the ressource… gave it a try to change from trew hud

i uncommented the vehicle ui stuff is there a way to make the speedometer work?

how do you get the voip to work i cant figure it out