[ESX] Casino Slots Machine (with sounds)

then there is a position that has wrong prop

Works perfectly i can even write the missing machines in the config without any problem.

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can losses pay to a society?

yeah, you can add this easly to the server side


• Easy config, just change one coordinate and you are ready
• Sounds similar to GTA:ONLINE (you need 2060 build or newer)
• Can play with item, cash, or account mone (bank, black)
• A bit more optimized

I bought this. Worth every cent. Awesome script and great support!

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No one is going to mention that cpu usage? o.o

that’s bcz he had wrong settings in config.lua
check the new video and you will see it has ~0.5 cpu usage
also the config is much easier and now you can not have “wrong” settings.
script has tested with 3 different casino MLOs and it has same ms and cpu usage