[ESX] Cardealer by nightstudios

Cardealer by nightstudios

This script was especially made for the ESX Framework and works only with this framework. We do not provide support for any other framework.


Protection: This script is not encrypted.

Boss Menu: Default ESX Boss Menu

Import: The car dealer can only import the vehicles that are available. The system itself decides which vehicles are selected. And even then it can be that a certain vehicle is available only once, or even 10 times. The car dealer can buy it when the necessary money is in the bank.

Computer:The car dealer can add all available vehicles to the catalog via the computer. Even if the car dealer adds a vehicle that is not in stock, it can be displayed but not sold. Only when the car dealer has the vehicle in the garage, it can be sold.

Catalog: With the catalog, prospective buyers can look at the vehicles (if the car dealer has added a picture) and then have to discuss everything else with the seller.

Sell Vehicles: Sell a available vehicle to the nearest player or to yourself if no one is nearby.


  • esx_society
  • mysql-async
  • ESX 1.2 & legacy (not tested on 1.1)

Please make sure your server fulfill these requirements before purchasing!

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