[ESX] Advanced Roleplay Environment | Medical System [PAID]

So picked this up, but items are not installed… is there a list somewhere so I can addthem to the db / and storage? as well as images? @veryinsanee sanee

Purchased this Script, turns out there are a large amount of bugs, unreliable Support, and I Found that it is reporting back to their Web API within the Server Side file.


Thanks for the info / warning.


reporting what?

can you explain yourself so we know?

it is ending information about your server back to the seller, i would not recommend getting the script though, there is nexto no support and the script has a lot of issue and does not work, at the moment i would call it a scam as he is selling something that does not work and is missing code


This is straight up from leaks… :smiley:

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Any answers to the accusations above? Sounds pretty serious and has stopped me from purchasing it.


I have a question about the system.
Is there somewhere an overview of how long the drugs work and which dressing is suitable for what type of wounds? Is it possible to follow the ACE system from Arma 3?