[ESX] Advanced Roleplay Environment | Medical System [PAID]

Advanced Roleplay Environment
A nice & unique medical system.

InGame Preview: YouTube Video

Core Informations:

  • Language: German and English
  • Functionality: ESX-only
  • Shop-URL (28EUR w/ VAT - 25% OFF) : Store Link

Core Features:

  • Thanks to the system, there is now a pulse, blood pressure, and blood level.
  • Own game objects were created for the system, such as a morphine syringe or a bandage.
  • There is a nice and compact UI that enables smooth interaction.
  • All bones are vulnerable. Any area of the body can bleed and could be stitched.
  • Various liquids can be injected into the circulation, such as morphine or epinephrine, which have an influence
    on the game.
  • It is thereby possible that even people (with experience) who are not medical professionals can stabilize people.
  • Blood infusions can be given to help stabilize a person’s circulation.
  • A clear activity history to have an exact tracking of the actions already carried out.
    Pain. If there is pain, white borders may flash around the screen to show that the person is in pain.
  • Different sounds to improve the atmosphere. Such as defibrillator noises, heartbeat noises, and much more.
  • It is possible to carry an unconscious person.
  • And many more…

Terms of Service:

  • You aren’t allowed to resell this script.
  • You aren’t allowed to leak this script.

Menu Pictures:


lol it’s so stupid to put ip check in the script!! think if the person is spending money on the script should have access to the whole code


I partially agree with you, but then there is a risk that the person will sell the script to others. So I prefer to be safe instead of taking a risk. I hope you understand the concern. :grinning:


Doesn’t look bad

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Looks very nice! But I have two questions :thinking:
Is there any handbook or tutorial for all the usage in the script for non professionals or newcomers
Are there any future plans with this or is this an finshed product :sweat_smile:
Sorry for these question but I’m kinda careful with paid scripts on this forum nowadays

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how can I get this script without needing ip verification?

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First of all, thanks.
Currently, there is no handbook, but the community, or myself could create an handbook.
Currently its in an production state, but it could be easily expanded.

No worries, I would be careful too. :grinning:

No. This is not possible.

I can see the inspiration from ACE, reminds me of ArmA. :stuck_out_tongue:


haha yes.
That was actually my inspiration.
I found that something like that was currently missing.


Awesome. Looks good.

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Hey I apologize very much for any inconvenience.
I have now changed the two marked sections according to your request.

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So this is obfuscated? I’m not really a fan of paying for stuff for it to be locked down, if I was, I’d buy apple products.



Only serverside is obfuscated due to the license system.
I hope this does not cause any inconvenience.

Looks awesome!

You are very envious, and your script above does not make sense

So, what is the guarantee that the IP database will always be around and up?

My word. And the experience. I am not a beginner in these areas. I will assure you that the license server will be permanently online.

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