[ESX] Advanced Drug System - Add unlimited amount of drugs in your server

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Yes you can create labs anywhere you want

Yes you can add as many ingredients as you want in any location as well as many drugs as you want

Yes, they are not in the download but a user shared great images for drugs and tools in our discord

Update 3.7

  • Fixed that users could stop the crafting and start it again, allowing them to create drugs faster
  • Fixed the use of drugs in vehicles
  • Added a maximum quantity of drugs players can sell to NPCs each server/script restart. Default it’s 200 and it can be changed in sv_config.lua in ‘config.maxNPCsSellableDrugQuantity’
  • Added the possibility to make the narcos buy drugs only once per location change

Suggestion for advanced drugs, its possible to add like 5 or more npcs around map in X coords and then, they buy only drug from time to time like 23:00-4:00 they buy X ammount of drugs every X hours via database synchro.

Example you got 2000 coke, so you go meet George but he doesnt buy, he just buy drugs from 23:00 to 3:00, then he accept ur deal and just buy 500 units, you must go now find John an sell him from 3:00 to 7:00 other 700 units, and after purchase been done he wont buy more drug until next time he’s ready to make deals.

Update 3.8

  • Added new selling method: pushers
  • You can configure pushers so they will only be available in specific hours in the day
  • You can set a chance that police will be called when selling to pushers (default 20%)
  • You can configure a maximum quantity of drugs pushers will buy from a player, it will reset the next day or on the next script/server restart
  • You can add infinite pushers in any location you want
  • All pushers can buy different drugs and you can choose if they can buy all drugs you defined for them or only a random one each time

i would like players to be ale to grow weed anywhere and bring it to labs for processing after. Is that possible with this script?

Hi, unfortunately there is no a plant and grow feature, but you can use any item you want in the labs and add harvesting points wherever you want :+1:

would be cool to see a police alert if someone adds the wrong ingredients to the drug lab, Drug Lab Explosion reported in the area

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