[ESX] Advanced Ambulance Job [Wasabi Scripts]

Looks exact like gl ambulance

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If you mean kallock’s(unsure if spelling is correct), it is similar aesthetically because they used a context menu that was similar to ox_lib & possibly he used the same free props on gta5-mods.

I love ox_lib context menu and use it in all of my current scripts.


Update 9/23/22 - Configurable boss menu’s(esx_society/wasabi_multijob compatible)

The actual boss menu displayed is another script of mine called wasabi_multijob if you like it more than the stock esx_society one.

Would you do qtarget as optional and drawtext instead?

I’ll be adding text UI from ox_lib as optional choice. Essentially the same but not the floating text. Stay tuned. Have a few other things I’m adding tonight; Cloakrooms, configurable billing.

Update 9/25/22 -

Configurable and optional cloakroom (Ability to set up outfits that employees can use and switch between) - Supports esx_skin / my fork of fivem-appearance but can be customized to a custom one within the editable client.lua

Configurable and optional invoices (Ability to send invoices to nearby player) - Supports esx_billing / okokBilling by default but a custom one can be implemented easily within the editable client.lua

Ah Best Script So Far. Amazing Release and worthy

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Thank you for the kind words!

Upon dozens and dozens of requests - An open source version of the script is now avaliable on my Tebex store!

does this replace esx_ambulancejob ?

This is a full esx_ambulancejob replacement :slight_smile:

You will remove esx_ambulancejob prior to installing this.

does this have NPC check in? put someone on a bed if medic isnt around?

It does have an NPC check in :slight_smile:

The NPC does not carry you to bed(yet) but can be configured to only be usable when EMS workers are low.