EssentialMode Couchdb connection

So basically i followed the tutorial provided by digitalocean to install couchdb and im certain the couchdb install is correct. When i use the curl command i can see the essentialmode db and everything. The only thing that seems wrong is when i try and give me access to the futon from my local pc it gives me a refused connection error… but when i try and give access to an other vps of my it works… I already messages digital ocean about this so we’ll see what happens with that.

this is my config file

ip = "localhost" -- Change to wherever your DB is hosted.
port = 5984 -- Change to whatever port you have CouchDB running on
auth = "" -- "user:password", if you have auth setup

So i launch my server right…

When i connect to it

From there I’m not sure what to do exactly I’m hoping one of you has been through this and could help me out a little.


If you’re having an issue with an addon, post in the original thread. Don’t create a new one.