Essential Base [Problem]


So for now 3 days i don’t know why but this is happening :

Do someone know why? I have checked but i found nothing.
And also when i put my information manually in the Database it works i have my money etc…

But when new people join the server it does not create it on the database and it give’s me this error.

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There’s a problem with your script. Es:firstjoinproper. Then your field for personal vehicle is empty.

Yes i see now. I think is just a problem with the personalVehicle because after this it worked. I am cheking it now Thank you! :slight_smile:

set the field in your db to varchar 60 for personal vehicle. and see if that helps.

It was already in varchar 60
My USER Structure :

allow personal vehicle to be null. if a new player joins and doesn’t have a personal vehicle it will be a problem.


Ok i have changed that.

Now it’s working it was the “null” who made that error thank you so much!

no problem. happy to help.

Thanks to you, my essential 2.0 works normally now :slight_smile:

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