Es extended how to set limit in inventory

Im using es_extended but its coded for weight, and how to change that for limit ? Somebody know how to change that, or have ready es_extended for limit ?

Unfortunately I think you either have to downgrade or just set your scripts to work off limit instead of weight

The problem is when I installed older version my other script have stopped working. And the second problem maybe you will know, why my ammo is not saving in DB, Im using a esx_clip ?

In your database item you have weight or limit after label ?

Unfortunately, when you downgrade your version some of your scripts will no longer work, I would recommend just using the older version of the scripts because they may support older versions, you can also just try converting them to work with limit instead of weight.


Do you know form where I can download the older version ?

On github, here

I instelled older version with limit in inventory but it not working.

Which version did you install and what is the problem you are having?

Time, I do not use the latest version, but also not the oldest, the version with the weight. And my problem is that I would like to convert this current version into a limit or possibly add a limit to this system so that it matches the weight. The second error is that sometimes it does not load me to the last location despite the fact that it saves in the database, sometimes it works fine, and the third error is that after dying, or rather waiting 10 minutes, when I will respawn in the hospital, it is not I can open the inventory. I would like to get rid of the “Bank account” item from the inventory so that it does not show the current account balance. I know that some bugs are not related to the topic but it’s hard to solve.

What you can try to do is add a column called limit in the database to the places where you want to convert from weight to limit and then in the script change the code following the example below.

Change ~= To ==
Change .limit To .weight

You would do this for the client.lua and server.lua if needed, let me know if this fixes the original problem of wanting to use limit.

Do you have an idea with paid errors?

What is the error you are getting?

I do not load the last location, despite the fact that it is saved in the database, the other is that I use esx_clips and after using it, it adds ammunition to the weapon, but after exiting the game and rejoining it, I no longer have it, it is not saved in the database and the third mistake is that after dying, I can’t open my inventory.

Do you know how to fix this issuses ?

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