Error While Installing

Erm all i can say that i’ve paid for gta 5 so it’s legit ( the rest i don’t know …_… ) and i can’t install fivem with the error that i get.Screenshot 2017-08-21 18-42-45

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I don’t know where to get it from i said.

Completely different. You could at least have answered the questions you do know.

Your PC specs (RAM, CPU, Windows Version) can be found by searching for “This PC” on your computer, right click the result and click “Properties”. Either screenshot that or just write down the values. GTA Version can be found through Steam (not sure about the non-steam version). The rest

Regardless, it appears that no one knows the cause/fix of this (at least that I can see through Google searching that specific error code and searching the FiveM forums). However, looking at other posts (such as this one) points to it being a network issue - could either be your internet or FiveM related (I’m not well versed in CURL).

k so just to translate it to you it says (free 5,89gb)
64 bit system processor x 64 and the last one doesnt matter probably Screenshot 2017-08-21 20-12-03

Issue Resolved: Upgraded to windows 10 Creators Update


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