Error while downloading

@Boss i did like what u have told,

  1. GTA 5 version

version:- 1.0.331.1

  1. up to date?
    i cant get you.

  2. I have a pirate copy (fitgirl repack file).

  3. steam/cd/social club
    what you mean about this?

  4. Now i include the windows version

  5. error screenshot follows now

7)now i include the gta 5 folder

  1. dlc screenshot

  1. File path to five reborn

    C:\Grand Theft Auto V\client

  2. client folder screenshot

  1. it seems that i dont have citizenfx.log

  2. .dmp files
    i dont know where to find this files
    please help me…

please help me out @Boss
i want to enjoy playing multiplayer…

@its_me_sridhar said in ERROR WHILE DOWNLOADING:

I have a pirate copy (fitgirl repack file).